Authors of this blog

This blog is a collaborative effort of the students and faculty participants of the California State University, Northridge 2014 Poland-Lithuania trip.  Its main editor is Prof. Jody Myers, and the posts, photos, videos, and creativity are the work of students working together and the special expertise of Aleisha Burton.

Here we are below:

Professor Jody Myers 

Professor Donal O'Sullivan 

Adam Morgenstern, History

Aleisha Burton, Deaf Studies 

Anthony Cardenas, History

Courtney Dyer, History, minor in Political Studies

Daniel Cano, History major 

Dylan Lerner

Glenda Rivera, Religious Studies 

Jackson Trager, Psychology and  Modern Jewish Studies

Jeanette Toledo, Religious Studies

Jeremy Cole, History 

Jonathan Tong (middle) 

Joseph Zastawny 

Krystle Carrero, History, minor in Jewish Studies 

Lovia Ofori-ampofo (left), History, minor in Political Science

Mily Sharko, Religious Studies, minor in Sociology

Rauhman Lavergne 

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